Pathfinder Reign of Winter - Fanboy3


Summary so far

PCs arrive in town – Quoril immediately upstages Old Mother Theodora
Characters meet in pub over an injured fighter – cold iron longsword gained
Councillor Ionnia recruits the PCs to rescue lady Argentia
encounter at the kidnap site – 2 undead killed – masterwork longsword gained
trap – chest trapped with falling log – quoril and tiger take the brunt – masterwork chain shirt, longswords and armour, xbows, spear, masterwork dagger gained
encounter – young white dragon – zarzuket gets taken down, Morthimon gets the kill, quoril heals zarzuket and takes dragon head as trophy
Back to town – party heals up and sells loot from chest. gets chain shirt altered for gnome. fails to chat up blacksmiths daughter.
Quoril trades severed dragon head for free room and board for life at Heldren pb – renamed “the Silver Dragon”
encounter – back on trail – 3 sprites strafe the party, 2 killed, 1 flees



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